You didn’t call it that! Yes I did and numbered them.

When my partner found out what I had called the paintings in my exhibition Little Big Work at The Art Vault Mildura her response was ‘You didn’t call them that!’ And I replied Yes I did. And I numbered them.  I have come to realise that actually this way the viewer can see the journey I took as they view the paintings in the exhibition.

Usually I would do a road trip and take the paintings to Mildura but this time I couldn’t. Mia worked with me and together the exhibition came to be.  I’d like to share the explanation of how it came about with you so I’ll invite you to Mia and my conversation about all things to do with Little Big Works. Just hit on the link – a chat with Mia – and it will take you to the  live video we did on 27 November.  PS The only thing I’ll say about our live video is that I was having some technical issues at the start, Mia takes you on a stroll around the gallery as she waits for me and I join at about 3 minutes in.



during the Covid19 pandemic
We were told to isolate
So I stayed home and went into the studio
And I painted for the sake of painting.
And when they said we no longer needed to isolate
I still stayed home and went into the studio
And painted
Painting exactly what I wanted to paint
And realised I was doing
exactly what I wanted to do
Painting, musing, thinking, reflecting
And as each painting was completed
They were given the title
Covid19 series and a number
In sequential order to when they were painted
And so if you view them in order
You will see
My journey through Covid19 in 2020

The last painting I did was Covid19 Series Painting #21 is in the exhibition
As is the first painting I did Covid19 Series Painting #1