And that was the year that was….

Sometimes life sends you a curve ball and the only thing to do is to work with the changed dynamics in your life until your personal universe adjusts itself to the changed situation.

The cataract surgery early in the year was normal and for an artist the clear vision is a definite plus. The curve ball was the pain in my foot in June diagnosed after 2 weeks as a fractured metatarsal with a nuclear bone scan. I was told ‘no problems wear a moon boot for 6 weeks and after some rehab all will be well’. But it wasn’t after the required time in the boot. Complications because of a rigid big toe that began with an incident many years ago when I was at art school at NAS – I was lifting a large piece of masonite onto the easel and it slipped out of my hands and landed on it’s edge on my big toe – and being young and bullet proof seemed it didn’t seem much of an issue. But age and arthritis impacts and it was the big toe that required me to have the foot back in the moon boot again and undertake a very gradual rehabilitation to recover. The big toe had to learn how to again take part in the process of walking. It has taken over 6 months to recover, rehab has been ongoing for so long we named the moon boot Cuthbert.

Why does this matter?  I stand to paint. Painting is a very real part of my life . I never realised how much I move around in the studio as I paint diving this way and that until I tried to paint with a moon boot on and it didn’t work. I felt nailed to the floor and realised it was a total inhibitor to how I paint.  So I didn’t paint. But I did do 2 paintings in this time, slowly and with much contemplation hence the title for one, ‘Moon Boot Contemplation’. The other painting I gave the title ‘When All Else Fails, Paint’.

And because I wasn’t painting, I wasn’t active on my webpage or very much on social media in 2019. I want to change all that and engage in the conversation once again in 2020.

Wishing you all a creative and productive year ahead and if you are served a curve ball in your life I’ve found it’s what you do with it that counts.


Ruth le Cheminant Moon Boot Contemplation 2019 acrylic on canvas 100cm x 90cm
Ruth le Cheminant Moon Boot Contemplation 2019 acrylic on canvas 100cm x 90cm