Visiting the Darling River area

Sometimes magic happens!

Julie Chambers director of The Art Vault in Mildura rang recently to invite me to spend some time in the river area of the Darling.  I spent some time chatting with Julie and Pam organising the trip with them. Pam is a local interested in my work and how I would interpret and respond to the river gums on her property on the Darling River.  Must say I’m curious too in how to capture the unique feel, colour and environment of that area. And be able to compare this area to the area I live in the Blue Mountains.

I am looking forward to the journey there, meeting up with good friends at The Art Vault, meeting Pam and spending time out bush. We intend to devote time being in the environment and I’ll be doing plenty of sketching and plein air work. And I anticipate some of these works will be in the exhibition ‘Out of the Blue’ at The Art Vault in June/July.

I’ll be posting about my trip on Instagram so check my feed @ruthbluemts and on my Facebook page The Loaded Brush – Ruth le Cheminant. There is a proviso I guess – as long as there is coverage!

Check The Art Vault for more information