There I was so smug to think it was finished

I explain to myself,  and to other people who ask, that as an artist I’m a process artist.  Painting for me is a marvellous journey of communication and discovery that on it’s completion will be a well resolved painting. A well resolved painting that allows the viewer to enjoy staying within the painting visually even if they’re not sure what it is that is holding them inside the composition.

Covid Painting #9 was the continuation of a painting I put aside. I decided I had everything to gain by continuing to paint on the discarded  painting and nothing to lose. So I played,  considered and had a blast. And given time thought yes it’s done! I thought I had tempered the strong original colours with enough field of colour to create balance in the work. So I decided it was complete.

I even posted it in a blog.

But it niggled. The painting wasn’t quite right. I thought about it, considered what I should do with it and in the middle of the night, lying awake in bed, realised I needed to ‘blow it apart’ or disrupt the composition to get resolution. I visualised what I’d do. Take the pencils and by using another medium in the painting shift the focus. So the next morning I got coloured pencils and, as I had imagined during the night, added areas of line work using particular colours.

I sat in front of the painting on the wall in the studio and contemplated it, drank coffee, considered the ways of the world and analysed the painting.  I added some further paint to move the eye around more.  And walked away.

But I was curious and thought will I regret working further on the painting. So every time I added significantly to the painting I took an image. I couldn’t go back only forward in this process. I wanted to  see the ‘process’ from the point when I decided to continue painting to completion. I was curious if with the advantage of hindsight through images would I regret travelling on. Here it is. Finished. I think.

Images of the visual journey:

Covid19 Painting 9 - 1
Covid19 Painting 9 – 1
Covid19 Painting 9 - 2
Covid19 Painting 9 – 2
Covid19 Painting 9 - 3
Covid19 Painting 9 – 3
Covid19 9 - 4
Covid19 9 – 4
Ruth le Cheminant Covid19 Painting 9 acrylic and pencil on canvas 51cm x 46cm
Ruth le Cheminant Covid19 Painting 9 acrylic and pencil on canvas 51cm x 46cm