Ruth and is gearing up for 2017

Ruth and as a consequence The Loaded Brush is gearing up for 2017.  Didn’t 2016 go quickly. During 2016 I moved from Gallery Blackheath to Rex-Livingston Art + Objects Gallery in Katoomba and I’m really enjoying being in the gallery.

After a slow start to the year it can now be stated: Ruth le Cheminant is back in the studio! Back playing with lino printing, well not really playing more re-discovering the process. And I’ve organised myself to be able to print in the studio. I find the impact of the removal process in preparing the lino on the composition fascinating. I’m exploring  oil stick again and incorporating collage.  So much fun but messy!!  It is a very dynamic process working on a small work! A small change evolves at times into a total reconstruct of the work. It’s bit of a wonderful creative ride allowing the process to unfold.  I’m having a blast with paint. Paint remains the constant in my work. Love to paint. On canvas – small canvases, medium canvases, but to work on a large canvases is delicious, you can really disappear into the work, literally and figuratively

Visit Rex-Livingston Objects + Art Gallery in Katoomba to check out the results. And say hullo to David, the director of the gallery, and Ella.  You’ll enjoy chatting to David about art and the ways of the art world with him, I do.