It’s quite magic to be in the studio and be enthralled with the process of creating and all the attendant activities that go with it. Quite therapeutic! But then the artist must exit the building at some stage and reveal the work.  This can be confronting. For me as an artist I always have a question at the back of my mind. How will it be received?  My work is not representative, it’s abstract and gestural with a focus on colour.  Will the viewer understand the visual language within the work? Then I remind myself that ultimately if the painting is well composed and all the elements and principles resolved the viewer will engage with the work positively. And so thinking optimistically and with some anticipation I am now in the process of getting the work out of the studio – I am wrapping, stacking, cataloguing, pricing, packing, sorting art gear, booking accommodation and looking forward to the road trip to Queanbeyan on Sunday.

Organising the paintings to pack the exhibition  for Form Gallery, Queanbeyan
Organising the paintings to pack into the van for the exhibition at Form Gallery, Queanbeyan