Miracle in Melbourne

Sometimes magic happens when you least expect it.

After the opening of my exhibition in Mildura we made the decision to visit Vincent in Melbourne at the NGV, that is the Vincent Van Gogh exhibition. We arrived Thursday and in the early afternoon decided to walk from out hotel in east Melbourne into the city and Federation Square and have a look around. I gave my wallet to my partner who had the backpack with a few things in it and off we went. Into the Apple Store, checked out maps and directions at the information centre, wandered around Federation Square.  And at this point I asked my partner if I could put the maps into the backpack? There was a look of sheer horror on her face. She didn’t have the backpack! We didn’t know where it was. We didn’t know how long it’d been gone. As we stumbled around I realised my licence, all bank cards, cash and other membership cards were in my wallet. My life! I would have to fly home back to Mildura with no ID and then travel home to the Blue Mountains. Panic. So I tried blocking my cards using my iPhone. Not easy.  Thought I’d done it. Then we went to the police to report the loss. We were stressed, distraught and incredibly anxious about the whole thing. We sat in MacDonalds and tried to regroup and decided to walk back past the Apple shop to the hotel. It had been over an hour since we’d lost the backpack. We started our journey and as we passed the Apple Store I glanced in. I saw a grey shape at the base of the front desk. Impossible! I walked in and walked up to a grey backpack, that was our grey backpack, lying casually at the base of the main counter in the busiest area in Melbourne. No one challenged me or questioned what I was doing. It was our backpack. I thought at least we have it back. I took it outside and together we looked inside. I felt down and pulled out the white dilly bag I’d put the wallet in and opened it up. It was all there! Even the $60 in cash. It was a miracle. The backpack had been ignored and I had my wallet back and in many ways my life back. Words could not describe the relief. I was/ I am so very grateful. The next day we went to the bank to check my cards. For some reason they hadn’t been blocked and I could still use them.  I just kept saying ‘it’s a miracle’!