Kickerbell Artists exhibition in Walcha at the Walcha Gallery of Art

A group of artists came together to work at Little Kickerbell on the Liverpool Plains. Many had been before to Little Kickerbell, some had not. Most knew each other, some had friendships spanning years some were newer acquaintances all taking the opportunity to share time away painting. On this particular art retreat at Little Kickerbell they came in drifts, some coming later in the retreat replacing those who had left earlier. It was a wonderful situation. Good food and accommodation, to work and spend time with other artists you respect, able to discuss with them all things to do with art, to paint with other like minded people and be sustained by the creative energy around you is a little bit of magic. There is delight in solitude but there is stimulation and energy in a group of artists.

The exhibition title ‘Kickerbell Artists’ says it all. This exhibition at Walcha Gallery of Art is work from the group of artists who were on the art retreat at Little Kickerbell. I hope you have the opportunity to attend the opening on Friday 19th July from 6pm at the Walcha Gallery of Art in Walcha or visit in the next few weeks. Walcha is a great little town and Walcha Gallery of Art definitely worth a visit.

Unfortunately I can’t attend. A fractured 2nd metatarsal on my left foot has thwarted my plans. I’m hoping you can.

Walcha Gallery of Art, 15n Derby St, Walcha 2354 open Tuesday – Friday 9.30am to 3pm and Saturday 9.30am to 1pm

Little Kickerbell 2729 Bundella Road, Pine Ridge NSW 2343 ph: 6747 4830 Cathy and Rowen