It’s been a while since I posted. Wonder why?

I haven’t posted for a while, very remiss of me. I’ve been on a break. I did the exhibition Lincoln’s Rock to Little Kickerbell in March @Rex-Livingston Art + Objects Gallery – NB some work still available just speak to David – and realised during it I had put a lot of energy into it and wanted some time out. After the exhibition I travelled to Perth for 10 days. I had a blast, Segway experience, great food, sightseeing and found a wonderful exhibition, The Corsini Collection from Florence at the Art Gallery of WA. On my return to the Blue Mountains I ignored the studio preferring to work in the garden. You could say the studio was a mess after I dumped all the art gear I took with me for my art residency at Little Kickerbell back there. And the turnaround from my return home to preparing for the exhibition I think it was all too much, too difficult, too hard. I walked away for a bit to gain some creative breathing space. This morning I woke up early and got into the studio and I just want to say it’s now cleaned up, tidied up and ready to go.