It all started when I ran out of business cards

I handed out my last business card at The Other Art Fair in March this year. It was a bit of a shock when I realised I didn’t have any more business cards to hand out and we had one more day left at the fair. A feeling of slight panic took hold but I was able to solve the problem of the last day by taking an image of my last business card and posting it to Instagram as well as using the image of the business card when needed.

After we got back home I had time to ponder what will I do now? Do I get more of the same or take the opportunity to change my business card and my image? So I went for broke. I decided this was the occasion for change. And as the new business card is quite a departure from the past business card I felt my webpage needed to do the same, to present me in a similar fashion.

My business card is now simple, unadorned, black on white. As a consequence the webpage is also clean and crisp. The focus of the webpage is the work, the paintings I do. It includes the musings/blogs – my opportunity to explain my practice and share the process and fun of creating and of living in the Blue Mountains. The webpage offers ways for you to connect with me, be it individually via email, directly or via social media. You could say the webpage speaks for me. I hope you enjoy exploring it. I can assure you it will continue to be an ever changing feast.