How we got to North by South West

There’s something wonderful in exploring a place already visited and explore that area more closely, to spend time and understand more of the nuances of the region.   I have in the last few years discovered Tamworth NSW and the surrounding region.  A cursory visit doesn’t do the area justice. Tamworth is west of Walcha, an hour from Little Kickerbell and Quirindi, east of Gunnedah and north of Willow Tree. Tamworth is also the home of Weswal Gallery in Brisbane Street where Vicki Hersey and I are having a joint exhibition 15 August till 15 September.
When Vicki and I were asked how did you get to Tamworth? We answered Ruth has spent time in the Tamworth area but both of us got to Tamworth by spending time painting and working in the South West of Australia – in the Monaro, the Mallee, the Flinders Ranges and areas in between.  We are two artists who live in the Blue Mountains.  And so the explanation became our exhibition title: North by South West from the Blue Mountains.

We hope you can join Ruth and Vicki at the opening Saturday 17 August 2019 @ 2pm

For those out of town Weswal Gallery is at 192 Brisbane Street, Tamworth
open Thursday & Friday 10-4  Saturday & Sunday 10-2. Vicki and I hope you visit.


North by South West from the Blue Mountains exhibition invite
North by South West from the Blue Mountains exhibition invite