Chuffed – I’m with Day Gallery

I wrote a statement to myself in the studio.
It said:

Just paint
That’s all I need to do

I wrote the statement after a major renovation demanding my time and after the travails of Covid19. I wanted to say to myself ‘you are finally back in the studio’.

I had made the decision – to walk into the studio and just revel in the sheer joy of creating. Of being there. In the present. To forget what’s expected by others, forget the expectations in my own head and any comparisons I might have of what others were doing or achieving. I decided to seek no affirmation of what to do creatively beyond that of seeking my own internal validation of my art and the process it takes.

During this time of the ‘let’s reassess life and go for it’ was the delight in joining Day Gallery. It wasn’t rushed, it was a very considered procedure taken by both parties.  It’s very satisfying to be represented by a gallery who gives me the latitude to create as I wish, appreciates my visual language, and has values I share.  For me this means the best is yet to come. So stay tuned and check out my work via Day Gallery

I want to thank Vincent and Helen Day for taking me on board.  I’m now one of the wonderful artists represented by Day Gallery.