Ruth le Cheminant Liverpool Plains from the Hill behind Nicks place 2018 acrylic on canvas 30cm x 60cm

I felt ‘yes’ was the only answer.

I received an email from Rita and the Plein Air Team on Monday 27 August which read: Dear Ruth, On behalf of the Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize 2018 selection panel, we are pleased to inform you that your artwork has been

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Ruth le Cheminant Lincoln's Rock midday 24 October 2017

Me and my IPad Pro at Lincoln’s Rock

In thanks for the voluntary work I do for a small business I was given an IPad Pro and pencil. With the program available – very like Photoshop – I’m able to create artwork in a new medium. Quite exciting. And

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Out of the Blue exhibition The Art Vault 21 June - 10 July 2017

Inspiration and working at Evandale

It’s been full-on! I have had a wonderful time at Mildura and at Evandale in the last 3 weeks. I worked out it was easier to stay in the area while my exhibition Out of the Blue was on than

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The Art Vault - art gallery at 43 Deakin Ave, Mildura VIC 3500

Visiting the Darling River area

Sometimes magic happens! Julie Chambers director of The Art Vault in Mildura rang recently to invite me to spend some time in the river area of the Darling.  I spent some time chatting with Julie and Pam organising the trip with

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