Michelangelo Merisi aka Caravaggio portrait of Maffeo Barberini

It’s been awhile since I posted. Wonder why?

I haven’t posted for a while, very remiss of me. I’ve been on a break. I did the exhibition Lincoln’s Rock to Little Kickerbell in March @Rex-Livingston Art + Objects Gallery – NB some work still available just speak to

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Lincoln’s Rock, Wentworth Falls

Lincoln’s Rock to Little Kickerbell

Thank you Blue Mountains Gazette. The exhibition at Rex- Livingston Art + Objects Gallery Lincoln’s Rock to Little Kickerbell is featured in the entertainment section of this weeks paper.

Studio at Little Kickerbell

It’s Lincoln’s Rock to Little Kickerbell

David the Director at Rex-Livingston Art + Objects Gallery in Katoomba made the suggestion. Ruth we need a title for your exhibition that’s got a bit more going for it than ‘Places’. Got to say on reflection I can see

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Ruth le Cheminant Lincoln's Rock midday 24 October 2017

Me and my IPad Pro at Lincoln’s Rock

In thanks for the voluntary work I do for a small business I was given an IPad Pro and pencil. With the program available – very like Photoshop – I’m able to create artwork in a new medium. Quite exciting. And

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Out of the Blue exhibition The Art Vault 21 June - 10 July 2017

Inspiration and working at Evandale

It’s been full-on! I have had a wonderful time at Mildura and at Evandale in the last 3 weeks. I worked out it was easier to stay in the area while my exhibition Out of the Blue was on than

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Miracle in Melbourne

Sometimes magic happens when you least expect it. After the opening of my exhibition in Mildura we made the decision to visit Vincent in Melbourne at the NGV, that is the Vincent Van Gogh exhibition. We arrived Thursday and in

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