A week in Dalgety

I always say if you’re going to do landscape painting you’ve got to get yourself out into the landscape! And recently what I tell myself to do, I did.  Felt great!

Two artist colleagues had made quite a few trips to Dalgety, a town a couple of hours travel south of Canberra, to paint there. The house they had rented was high on a hill within Dalgety. They explained you could paint the vista from within the large garden area or the immediate surroundings. It had 4 bedrooms so this time the two friends decided to invite two more colleagues and rent it out once more. And I was delighted to be invited. And I have to say for four people who hadn’t shared a house together before, and given two of us hadn’t met before the venture, we had a great week in Dalgety. Good weather, good food, good conversations and great landscape.
It was remarked to me as I was leaving ‘I’m curious what you’re going to paint after your week in Dalgety’ and I replied ‘I’m curious too!’.  This is the first painting of what I hope will be many. I’ve named this painting ‘A Week in Dalgety’. I wanted to try and capture the feel of the town, how it was as I sat with a cup of tea on the verandah and gazed out at the surrounding environment and it’s many layers. The patterns the textures and colours. This painting goes some part towards it.