Lincoln’s Rock, Wentworth Falls

Lincoln’s Rock to Little Kickerbell

Thank you Blue Mountains Gazette. The exhibition at Rex- Livingston Art + Objects Gallery Lincoln’s Rock to Little Kickerbell is featured in the entertainment section of this weeks paper.

Studio at Little Kickerbell

It’s Lincoln’s Rock to Little Kickerbell

David the Director at Rex-Livingston Art + Objects Gallery in Katoomba made the suggestion. Ruth we need a title for your exhibition that’s got a bit more going for it than ‘Places’. Got to say on reflection I can see

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Out of the Blue exhibition The Art Vault 21 June - 10 July 2017

Out of the Blue

I returned home mid May after spending time on the Darling River at Evandale and realised I didn’t have a lot of time to paint. Talk about concentration! The trip was the inspiration for the exhibition Out of the Blue

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Grayson Perry exhibition My Pretty Art Career on till 1st May at MCA Sydney

Grayson Perry – the transvestite potter

It’s always good to feed the personal art muse and recently I visited the Grayson Perry exhibition ‘My Pretty Little Art Career’ at the MCA Sydney. I didn’t know what to expect. And was intrigued. He has an extensive art

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Organising the paintings to pack the exhibition for Form Gallery, Queanbeyan

Organising, packing and on my way to Queanbeyan

It's quite magic to be in the studio and be enthralled with the process of creating and all the attendant activities that go with it. Quite therapeutic! But then the artist must exit the building at some stage and reveal the

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Loving it – painting in the studio

I really enjoy being in the studio and love to paint. Seems to be one of my purposes in life. And at the moment I have a reason so. I have an exhibition at Form Gallery Queanbeyan in July. Really

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